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Program Terms of Use
By signing up as an affiliate you are indicating you have read and accept our Terms of Use. All terms and conditions must be abided by. We reserve the right to terminate or change this agreement at any time at our discretion.
The following sites/type of sites are not allowed - warez, password trading, newsgroups, child porn, bestiality, extreme torture (or any sites linking to such material) or any site promoting or conducting illegal activities.
Spamming (including bulk email spamming) and sites using hidden frames including pop-ups, pop-unders etc. are forbidden from particpating.
Promotion of our site via any "pay-per-click" advertising campaign (eg. Google Adwords) using keywords based on our domain names or any variation, mis-spelling or portion of the name is not allowed..
Misleading promotion (including misleading statements) tricking customers into visiting a site is not allowed.
We do not allow the use of our name, marks or logos as a domain name or within a domain name except as a sub-domain (eg. www.yoursite.com/our site name/) If you are unsure, please contact us first.
Please use only the names of models we have given them on our site for any promotion. Some models use many aliases and alternatives and we do not allow the use of our images for any alterntive names, including real names, nor will we permit the use of our model images for linking purposes.
Monitoring Activity
All our affiliates are checked on a regular basis to ensure none of the above terms are being violated.
We also check the activity and effectiveness of the promotion of our site with all our affiliates. If we find that no activity or promotion of our site has taken place in the 12 months prior to our check then we will suspend an account based on click inactivity.
Account Suspension/Activation
If an account is terminated for breach of any of the above Terms we will advise you why we terminated the account, but will not enter into any further discussion on the matter. We also reserve the right to withold any monies due to any affiliate that has had their account terminated.
Suspension for click inactivity may be due to reasons why you haven't promoted our sites and we invite you to write to us and tell us how you plan to do so following which we will consider re-activation of your account.

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